Yandex browser for Chromebook

Chromebook is latest portable laptop which is powered by chrome operating system. It also provides a long battery life which place Chromebook far away from other competitors, Battery is the major concern, so Chromebook makes it hassle free use for its user, you can roam around without carrying your charger for much longer time.There are Samsung, Acer, Asus, HP Chromebook available in the market with different price and configuration. All these Chromebook are cheaper than available competitor. Though it does not give freedom to use anything other than chrome browser, but there are lots of apps and extension are available to be used in daily life.


Yandex browser:

Now Yandex browser is available for Chromebook. It is totally free of cost web browser. Yandex browser provides a high level of security for communication with a DNS resolver, encrypting data. You can always sync with your all favorite sites and it automatically transfers your bookmarks from your mobile device to your desktop.

Numbers of backgrounds are available in Yandex browser, you can select many of preset background, or you can upload your favorite picture that depends on your mood. Yandex browser also provides a turbo mode, which increase loading speed to make your smooth experience of your internet connection and it does not matter what your connection speed is. It is mart browser, if you forget the exact address of any site and now you want to visit that site, then just enter its name and Yandex browser will do the rest. Stories, news and videos sourced from the internet based on your interests.

How to install?

  • You can easily download it from chrome app stores.
  • Search, Yandex browser on chrome web store
  • Starts downloading the file by clicking add to chrome.
  • Now Yandex browser is yours. It works fabulously with chromebook.