WeChat For Chromebook

Chromebook is a revolutionary combination of laptop and tablet, designed and developed to make life of users easier and simple. It works on Chrome Operating system. It functions through a great number of third party applications which are not only compatible with the Chromebook but also more simpler, quicker or easier than the other. The most popular applications are the ones which are related to social media or communication. The way one can connect to their loved ones. WeChat is also a new generation communication tool. It supports sending images, voices, videos and text messages. It also allows to chat in groups and find people who are nearby as per the location data.



Features of Wechat:

  • WeChat allows its users to make face to face video calls, share pictures with friends or enjoy voice chat feature.
  • A huge number of customized emoticons for expressing feelings in a more intricate manner.
  • Creation of group for chatting with multiple friends and relatives at a single point of time. At most 40 members can be added to a single group at the same point of time.
  • A great platform to socialize and connect with people around the world with most easy, simple and user friendly interface.
  • It’s always easier to chat with friends i.e. typing on a computer or Chromebook rather than mobile devices.

Steps to Download WeChat on Chrome book:

  1. The first step is to download and install Arc Welder on your Chromebook, the link is available on its official website. For installation follows the simple set of instructions as directed on the website.
  2. Once installing the Arc Welder, go to the search tab available on the Arc Welder and type WeChat on the search bar.
  3. The final step is to download and install the available link of WeChat application and enjoy the features of the app.