Viber for chrome book- a wonderful app is showcased that consider some best alternative for the Skype for one’s chrome book or the chrome operating system powered devices. Just installed the new Viber app for your chrome operating system and see how smooth it will run on your chrome book.

Viber has released a latest version for chrome operating system which will be going to work on each and every latest chrome book. Viber is quite aggressive for releasing different versions for many operating systems. With this latest app people are able to receive and make HD calls, video calls along with Viber out to landlines and cell phones.

Basically, if you are a regular user of Skype, then definitely you will be going to love using Viber app which provides the same features as Skype and people will find the Viber app as a life saver.


What is Viber?

Viber is an application used in mobiles and allows a person to make calls and also for sending messages to the Viber users just free. Viber app can be used with Wi-Fi or with 3G.

The sound quality of the Viber is much better than the call made from some other phones. As soon as the Viber is installed, you can talk and send unlimited messages.

Features of Viber for chrome book

  • HD calls and messaging id totally free
  • Support group conversation
  • Video calls are also possible
  • Synchronize contact, message and call history on every installed user.

How to download Viber for the chrome book

  • Visit the web store of chrome and click “available on chrome” for installing Viber app.
  • Download Viber app by following the installation instruction.
  • Open Viber and provide your contact number that has an already installed and active Viber account.
  • Now press continues followed by the activation code and here you are ready to go.