vDos for Chromebook

vDos on Chromebook: vDos emulates a DOS PC in Windows 32 or 62-bit systems and all the higher versions. It is specific to run serious (text mode) DOS applications in Windows 32 or higher versions. If you are not familiar with DOS, it is not meant for you.


Features of vDos:

  • Can run multiple DOS applications, with their own specifications if needed.
  • Allows DOS applications to start immediately in a scalable window.
  • Compatible with GDI printers or a virtual printer for PDF’s.
  • Features network support with file and record locking.
  • Easy to use configuration to load drivers, keyboard layout, set file handles etc.
  • Allows copy pasting from Windows to DOS and vice versa.
  • More focus on serious programs (mainly text mode) DOS applications and not for gaming.
  • vDos’s file system is in sync with that of Windows and prevents internal disk caching corrupting files.

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How to Download vDos for Chromebook

Installing vDos using Play Store

  1. Check if your Chromebook is compatible for installing Android apps: Chromebook Play Store Compatibility
  2. If your Chromebook is compatible, then you can install Play store by following these instructions. After that search for “vDos” and install the app on your chromebook.
  3. If your Chromebook is not compatible you can download the Play store apk and installing it manually, After that you can follow the steps mentioned above to find the “vDos” app and install it on your device.

Installing vDos using Chrome Browser

  1. If the software is not available on Play store, then you can try finding “vDos” on the chrome web store.
  2. Open chrome browser and go to the Web store, search for “vDos” and install it.

Install vDos using Rollapp 

  1. If the “vDos” software is not available on chrome web store, then you can go to Rollapp, a useful website to access software online from any device.
  2. Go to the Rollapp website and search for “vDos” and use the application online.