UC Browser Application for Chromebook free download

Chromebook is an inexpensive laptop that runs on a Chrome Web browser, now a day’s most of us spend time on computer, but we work mostly on browser exploring the web world or web application. We hardly use installed products. Therefore chrome is the best option, it is very fast, secure and has a long battery life. There are many apps and extensions available to perform your day to day task, if not the same there is always an alternative. Similarly, there are some other Browser is also available apart from Chromebook.

UC browser is used for fast surfing and downloads. You can enjoy with Bollywood music and international music from home page navigation and it is free for Indian users. If you are irritated with posted ads on websites, then UC browser is able to block most of the ads. UC browser finds a way to increase your speed; it speeds up your Facebook app even though you have bad internet connection. Now you can comfortably read at night, by using night mode of UC browser. UC browser serves fast and stabilize download, and most importantly, if your internet connection is dropped due to any network reason, UC browser continues downloading from breakpoints. It provides fast and stable navigation, with UC browser does not have this history of hang.


How to download UC browser for your Chromebook?

As such UC Browser is not available in Chromebook, maybe in future it can. But there is always an alternative; Chrome provides a large set of application and Extension. Let’s talk about one of the alternative one can use in place of UC Browser is Freedom Browser.
Freedom Browser is an app, hosted app in chrome web store. Freedom browser is very simple, quick and unblocked browser. It can write the files to a folder directly that you open in the application and you can surf and do whatever you want as it is unblocked.

How to Install:

  • Search freedom browser on chrome web store.
  • Open it and click on add to chrome button, a pop up will appear, click on add app button
  • Your freedom browser is ready to use, now you can use it by clicking on launch app button.