Truecaller Application for Chromebook free download

True caller for chrome book- today true caller is used for identifying the caller even the caller is not in their phone book. With the help of this chrome book app user can search any of the numbers in the entire world to see to whom it belongs. The true caller app for chrome book is already integrated in few apps such as twitter or yelp just for extending their functionality.

It is easy to make a call directly from truecaller. True caller for chrome book is becoming better day by day with each and every update and the latest version of true caller for chrome book includes numerous features in it.


Features of true caller for chrome book

  • Caller ID is available
  • Integration of Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn
  • Easy to block the spam calls
  • User can update their phone book with the information of any missing address.

How to download true caller for chrome book

Whenever you get annoyed from any of the unknown calls, many people use to end up changing their contact number. Just before when you take such step, you just have to consider using true caller that is a god sent app which allow the user to hit back on such buggers for revealing the identities. The true caller for chrome book is an application database that is powered by the crowd souring.

Additionally, chrome book true caller has a functionality of caller ID which work in its background. The truecaller application allows the user to enter any of the contact number manually for finding the subscriber name. And if the caller is spamming you, then it is easy to block the caller. This app of true caller works with EDGE connectivity on various phones. For faster result connection of 3G or Wi-Fi is recommended.