The Best Poker Sites for Chromebooks

The game of poker remains the most popular card game in the U.S. And thanks to the digitized versions of poker, Americans are definitely not alone in enjoying the game. In fact, the global online poker market was worth $9.9 billion in 2020. And it’s growing at a compounded rate of 13.9%, which leads experts to believe that this number will balloon to $24.5 billion by 2027.

Thanks to this booming market, it’s easy to use a web-connected device to play online poker today. Many poker providers make their platforms available on updated web browsers. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, it’s easy to play online poker on a number of free or affordable sites. And even though there are regional restrictions preventing access to many of these providers, you can usually find at least one online poker room to play on, wherever you are in the world. If you want to use your Chromebook to install poker apps, you will have some options. There are a bunch of different games that can be played using a Chromebook, but Chromebook OS-friendly poker apps are very rare.


Zynga has been online since 2007 and was designed to be the poker platform for Facebook, a role it continues to play today. Thanks to its compatibility, multi-table support, and user-friendliness, many use Zynga to play free online poker games with friends, and it’s considered among the best poker providers for casual or private social games. Furthermore, unlike its many equally popular counterparts on the global online poker stage, Zynga is currently the only major online poker app that can be downloaded using your browser, Play Store, or Rollapp. While there might be other lesser-known poker apps for Chrome OS out there, Zynga is arguably the safest legitimate option.

Global Poker

Playing online poker using a Chromebook will be limited mostly to browser-only providers. And although Global Poker’s app isn’t Chromebook compatible, its browser version is one of the best and most streamlined in the world. This means that you won’t have any problems playing using your Chromebook. Although the graphics are outdated and there are no advanced features, this poker app has a charming look and a simple and easy-to-use interface wherein you can play up to 4 tables at once.


This is another great option if you’re limited to browser-only providers. In fact, Ignition is popular precisely because it offers instant play without players having to download anything first. Furthermore, apart from cash, the site also accepts Bitcoin for transactions. This makes it an even more convenient option for those with crypto wallets. The only significant caveats to using this app are the lack of tournament options and multi-table support.


This site allows you to simultaneously play 4 tables and compete in tournaments all from your browser. Furthermore, BetOnline not only accepts Bitcoin but offers discounts for crypto transactions as well. The graphics are simple but very classy, the poker rooms load fast, and the interface is very easy to use.

In short, while using a Chromebook is limited in options to play online poker, you still have several to choose from. Just remember that all of these sites will require you to submit potentially sensitive personal information for registration purposes. So, make sure that you keep your passwords safe, have antivirus software installed, and log out whenever you’re done playing.

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