Textra SMS for Chromebook

Chromebooks are seen as a new dimension to the usage of laptops. The Chromebooks have made the user experience smooth and convenient with the thousands of amazing apps that it offers. Chrome runs faster and smoother as compared to the other competitors. The browser usage and surfing experience on Chromebook is always been very authentic and very fundamental reason behind it is that Chrome OS is designed to run the Chrome browse better than anything else. Now on Chromebook you can also enjoy texting with apps like Textra SMS which is an amazing way for chatting through messages and if you are a chat freak you will love the app.

What does Textra SMS app do?

It is a blazing fast app for messaging purposes. With easy navigation across the app you can compose and sent a message real quick. The app allows you to search your messages and returns the results in real time. The messages are pre-indexed and what you will like the most about the app is the support for Emojis.


You can also have full control over the notifications and configure the same individual for locked and unlocked device mode. You can also have the privacy options if you don’t wish to display the contact name and a message on the notification’s pop-up. The app gives you a smooth experience of messaging undoubtedly.

How to install Textra SMS on Chromebook?

  • To download Textra SMS on the Chromebook these simple steps need to be followed.
  • First, you need to download the Arc Welder on the Chromebook and this can be done by checking the official link on the website.
  • After installing that, in the search tab, type Textra SMS and press enter.
  • Then download and install the Textra SMS available in the search results and enjoy the completely new experience of texting.