SuperBeam For Chromebook

A Chromebook is an easy to use and start laptop that runs on Chrome Operating system. This has been designed primarily to be used when connected to the internet. Most of the applications and data of Chromebook can be found in the cloud. It was first manufactured by Acer and Samsung in 2011. It also comes in a desktop version popularly known as Chromebox. It offers a huge variety of third party applications that more easier, simpler or faster than the other and thus making the life of a Chromebook user much peaceful. SuperBeam is also one of such app used for File Transfers using Wi-Fi Direct. It is basically useful in sharing large files between different devices. These devices can be paired using NFC Codes or QR Code scanning. It is a highly secured app which makes it the most popular among its category.


Features of SuperBeam:

  • Fast transfer Speed with the help of Wi-Fi Direct.
  • One can pair devices using NFC technology or QR Codes.
  • Enable the users to share single or multiple files of any format. And also allows to send to more than one device at the same time.
  • Maintain record of history of all transfer operations.
  • Can be switched to hotspot mode, for devices that does not support Wi-Fi.

Steps to download SuperBeam on Chromebook:

  1. Download ARC welder from the official website of ARC welder.
  2. Install ARC welder after the download is complete.
  3. Now you can search for SuperBeam application on ARC welder by simply entering the name of “SuperBeam” app on the search bar and get the desired result.
  4. Download SuperBeam application
  5. Install SuperBeam application
  6. Once the installation is complete, click on the app and start enjoying its features.