Steps to Take a Screenshot in Chromebook

Sometimes it’s become highly important to take screenshots of several outlets which really help us for some important processing. We basically take screenshots to capture some special conditions which can’t be pasteurized, and in that cases, screen shots are the only way available for us. Taking screenshot is casually an ease in the systems like Windows, Mac, and Android. But what about the people who are streaming with a Chromebook and willing to take a screenshot instantly for some important purposes!


Many of the Chromebook users out there don’t aware about the procedure that how to take a screenshot in Chromebook just in few seconds. What it all needs are some shortcut keys like as we use it on the Windows or for Macs. And that must be known to all.

Here we are going to describe the total procedure of taking a screenshot in Chromebook in few seconds. By these procedures you will easily be able to do it just by using some common shortcut keys.

To take an instant screenshot of Chromebook users must apply this procedure-

Press Ctrl + F5. Here + means pressing together, you have to press both the Ctrl & F5 Key together to take an instant screenshot.

To take a partial screen in Chromebook users must apply this procedure-

Press Ctrl + Shift + F5 together then you have to click and drag.

Just by these easy two processes, the users can take quality screenshots from their Chromebook just in seconds.