Showbox for Chromebook

Showbox on Chromebook: Showbox app is used to stream videos, films, TV shows and serials with free of cost, and it allows you to download all types of watching latest Showbox movies in a precisely selected quality. It is one of the popular applications these days and everyone uses this application and it is compatible with various platforms. You can enjoy Showbox application at any time and anywhere suppose you are enjoying your ride, or you are eating food or you are travelling or in your leisure time. The Showbox-movie app is designed to entertain people; they can enjoy their favorite TV shows without any fatigue or exertion.


Features of the app

  • Simple to use and can use it for Android or Windows application
  • Stunning full HD details with crisp and clear all through the UI.
  • The Showbox application offers you to download and streaming and you can download movies, TV Shows and great fun with amazing deals.
  • You can watch movies by setting up Showbox app photo quality as indicated by your internet connection.
  • Showbox app also gives you free vouchers and saves your money.
  • You can also earn Showbox points by downloading this application and you can redeem gifts by these earned points.
  • Showbox also provides you its amazing features so that you can watch your favorite shows when you are offline also, so you can enjoy Showbox.

How to download this app

  1. For downloading this app you need to install ARChon application.
  2. You must download ARChon Runtime.
  3. Before installing the Chrome extensions you should check it and read the instructions.
  4. Unzip the file and go to Chrome extensions.
  5. Enable Developer Mode in settings to unload the app.
  6. Click on the Unpacked Extension button.
  7. Then click open, and now your ARChon Runtime is installed perfectly in your Chromebook.
  8. Then click on the launch button.
  9. Now you can enjoy movies or TV show on your Showbox.