Rounds Free for Chromebook

Chromebooks have indeed given redefined the way laptops have been used and have given a new edge to the laptops. With Chromebooks the user experience has become smooth and convenient than before. And with the thousands of amazing apps that are available on the web store for Chromebooks, extra benefits can be availed. As Chrome runs faster and smoother so browser experience on Chromebook is always been very appealing and the main reason behind it is that Chrome OS is designed to run the Chrome browse better than anything else. A common use of laptops is also for video calling, and an app which is too good for it is Rounds.


What is Rounds app all about?

Rounds: a video chat app that allows us to connect with near and dear ones and enjoy a fun filled experience. The app allows you to have voice calls, send text messages, high quality video calls in single as well as group chat.  Apart from these features you can also watch videos, play games and share pictures with each other. Now you can scribble on the images of your friends with this amazing app. You can also answer the calls from android wear, see who is calling and then decide to answer or decline.

How to install the Rounds app for Chromebook?

  • To download the Rounds app on the Chromebook there are some easy and simple steps which need to be followed.
  • First ,you are required to download the Arc Welder on the Chromebook and for this you have to reach the official link which is available on their website.
  • After installing that, in the search tab, type Rounds and press enter to begin the search,
  • Then download and install the Rounds available in the search results and enjoy the completely new experience of calling.