Quicktime for Chromebook

Quicktime for Chromebook: Chromebook is a computer, laptop or even a PC which runs on the Chrome OS. It is developed by Google. It is getting really very popular these days. These are designed primarily to be used with the internet. And these machines are real fun when you load them up with some good apps. Most documents and even apps on Chromebook are stored on cloud and can be accessed anytime you want. This frees up a lot of space for you and makes things easier.

Quicktime for Chromebook

Steps to Download QuickTime for Chromebook

Quicktime is one of the most popular apps developed by Apple Inc. With it, you can play all sorts of multimedia files with various formats. It even allows you the option of editing the multimedia which can be loads of fun. Although this app is designed and built purposively for only the Apple devices, but its recent versions have made it capable of being used on Windows and now even Android. And now, you can even install it on your Chromebook. Check the below-mentioned steps to learn how to install it on your Chromebook –

  • Install the Google Tool ARC Welder. You can do it by going to the Chrome Store and searching and then downloading this tool.
  • Download the APK file of Quicktime. APK file is the file extension of an android application. You can go to websites such as APK mirror and download the Quicktime APK file.
  • After the APK file is downloaded, you should go to the Chrome app launcher and click on the ARC welder icon.
  • You will see “Add your APK” button on the ARC Welder’s clutter free UI which includes. Press this button and select the Quicktime APK file.
  • Hit the launch app button thereafter. The app will get launched in a fresh window and you can use it as you want.

Update Feb 2022:

Quicktime is no longer a recommended app for Chromebooks now that alternatives have improved. Between the two apps below, you should be able to play any video (read: codec). They are both readily available in the Play Store.

  1. VLC for Android (always free)
  2. MX Player (it’s free and has lots of features but Pro version removes ads and is well worth it for only $5.49 lifetime license).