QuickOffice for Chromebook


QuickOffice for Chromebook: Earlier, Chromebook users did not have the luxury of a large pool of different apps and software to run on their devices. Usually, they would have to settle for the second choice apps for their devices. The XDA Developers changed that long-standing notion with the ARC (Android Runtime for Chrome) Welder extension which allowed the Chrome OS users with a way to run Android apps on their devices.

QuickOffice for Chromebook

Steps to Download QuickOffice for Chromebook

QuickOffice is one of the most popular Office Suites on the Android OS Platform. It can fulfill all your office suite needs with a number of products including the Word, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, PDF, etc. Earlier the office suites present on the Chrome OS were not as competent as QuickOffice and with the ARC Welder tool, now you can enjoy all the benefits and features of the QuickOffice App on your personal Chrome OS device. Follow these simple set of rules to install the QuickOffice App on Chromebook:

  • First of all, you have to search for and install the Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) Welder extension on your Chromebook from the Chrome Store.
  • Next, look out for an apk file for the QuickOffice. This apk file would be installed on your Chromebook and will help to run the QuickOffice app on your device. It is easily available on various websites all over the Internet.
  • Once you have downloaded the apk extension, add the file using the “Add your Apk” option on the ARC Welder app to install the app.
  • Keep an eye out for the Welder app settings. Although you don’t have to worry overly about the settings as almost all apps will run smoothly through the preset settings, it is recommended to check them once before use.
  • Finally, the “Launch App” option allows you to run the QuickOffice app on your Chromebook.