Putty for Chromebook

Putty for Chromebook: Chromebook is a product of innovation and highly advanced technology. Not just simply a laptop, but a highly efficient, faster, reliable and user-friendly device to perform various internet related tasks. It runs extremely fast and smooth on Chrome OS just like Windows platform or Mac OS. It is a handy and powerful device that can be your best partner while on the run to read, sending e-mails, also enabling users to download anything from the internet and much more. It is a stateless system with no local saving storage facility. Unlike, this device features Cloud software with 100 GB data capacity to store your crucial information that can be easily accessed from any laptop or computer.

Putty for Chromebook

Features of Putty

An open source terminal emulator is a free software for Linux and Unix platforms that allows your to remotely access computers or laptops over an internet connection. This useful software supports several network protocols like SCP, SSH, Telnet, riogin and raw socket connection. This software can be a great tool for users to remotely access the laptop during any urgent situation and also perform any important work. While using it on Chromebook, you find it more user-friendly, fast and reliable to take the system on remote.

Process to Install Putty on Chromebook

If you wish to take your system on remote, then follow the simple steps mentioned below to install highly useful putty software on your high speed running Putty on Chromebook:

  • Before actually installing Putty first, the very first thing to do is to install ARC welder from its official website.
  • Once installed, you need to add Chrome tab.
  • Doing this, a tab will be added to your laptop in a shortest possible time.
  • Then, open the Chrome browser and go to Putty extension page.
  • Once done, a pop will come and you need to add the tab into the laptop and ready to use it for.