Opera Browser application For Chromebook free download

Chromebook is a special and revolutionary combination of a tablet and a laptop. It is light weight, easy to carry, and highly secured. It works on the Chrome operating system and supports a wide range of third party applications. It is compatible with these apps which is a distinctive feature of the Chromebook unlike other laptops. It has an extraordinary battery life and one can work for hours even without charging. There are a lot of tools and workarounds that allow users to run various applications on Chromebook, one of the applications that works well with Chrome operating system is the Opera Mini browser.


Features of Opera Mini Browser:

  • It’s a browser inside a browser, which can help to save bandwidth when one is browsing using a cellular data plan.
  • Features like Find in page and Downloads are also available on Chrome OS and work very well.
  • If the application is restarted, settings and history get saved.
  • On removing and installation of the application, one gets a fresh copy with reset settings.

Steps to Download Opera Mini Browser on Chromebook:

  1. The first step is to download Opera Mini and the ARChon Packager onto your Android device from Google Play.
  2. Download the appropriate ARChon runtime to your Chromebook from GitHub.
  3. Use the ARChon Packager on your Android device to convert Opera Mini for your Chromebook. This will generate a ZIP file. Transfer the ZIP file to your Chromebook.
  4. Open both ZIP files: runtime and application, go to chrome-extensions, then enable Developer Mode and load the Zip Files. Load runtime first and the application file. After loading the files, press on Launch in Opera Mini extension. The application will automatically be loaded to your Chrome Operating system launcher.