MS Office for Chromebook


MS Office for Chromebook: Chromebooks are getting really popular with each passing day, especially among the younger generation. However, Chromebooks have one specific limitation attached to them which we won’t find on any other OS Platforms. Chromebook only offers you services which are browser/web-based to use. Chromebook doesn’t allow you to install any software on the device. This made a life a little difficult for people as Microsoft Office was for long a software that required to being installed on any device before use. Now, Microsoft has solved the problem by releasing the Office 365 which includes a web-based version also.

MS Office for Chromebook

Steps to Download MS Office for Chromebook

MS Office is the leader of the Office Suites available today. You can do any office related activity with the suite as the list of products included in the suite are large. You get Word, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint and more besides other features such connectivity with the OneDrive. With an Office 365 subscription, you can also connect your smartphone Office app to your Chromebook version helping an easier transfer of documents among the devices.

You can install the MS Office suite onto your Chromebook using the following steps:

  • Search for the Office online or Office 365 extension on your Chromebook.
  • Once found the right extension, click on it to install the extension.
  • The extension allows you to a world of web-based online Office tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint to be used through your browser.
  • Also, you can install the “OneNote” App to manage your tasks/works.
  • With a subscription of the Office suite, you can easily connect your web-based online Office tool to the Microsoft Office app installed on your smartphone. You get these apps for free. These apps also help you to manage your documents between different devices from the Microsoft OneDrive.