Chromebook is very simple, limited-function devices. Chromebook is very light weighted. It provides long battery life which can run up to 9.5 hours for active use. Chromebook are currently available in a range of configuration. On a Chromebook, the chrome browser is more than a window to the web. Chromebook represent an alternative type of computer with offline capability for some apps.

Chromebook is a browser based operating system, it provides auto back-up on the clouds also it provides 200 GB Google drive space for 2 years and it is totally free of cost. As it do a auto back up and stores user files on cloud which helps user to use their important files or work hassle free on the go, no matter where you are and you have your laptop with you or not.



Mighty text:

Now its very easy and simple send and receive SMS and MMS from your Chromebook. It uses your current mobile number. This application can be yours which is totally cost free. Mighty text is always sync with your cell phone. You can see all the notification of your android cell phone at your Chromebook.

Low battery notification of your cell phone is also appear on your Chromebook.Mighty text stores videos and photos taken from your cell phone securely and instantly. Call notification is also appears on your Chromebook. You can beautify mighty task with provided 17 themes. Mighty task Edit photos directly from the web app by adding Instagram-like filters, frames, stickers, doodle & more.

How to install Mighty task?

Mighty text is available on chrome web store. Just open it and click on the button add to chrome, then a pop up will appear you will proceed by clicking add extension. Then it will start downloading. Now you can enjoy with mighty text on your Chromebook.