Mail.RU for Chromebook

Chromebook is a laptop computer that has chrome operating system. Chromebook is currently in demand because of the flexibility and inexpensive. You can install free and paid apps, extensions and different attractive themes on chrome web store. Chrome app has bundles of advantages, such as, they remain up to date so no manual update is required, they are secure and has in built antivirus, and they maintain isolation between your browser and OS.



  • RU checker:

Mail.RU gives a notification pop-up when any new messages arrived on your Chromebook. You can open your unread messages just by clicking on the notification. The icon of the mail.RU shows the list of total number of unread messages in your mail box.You can find Mail.RU by searching for chrome web store. Now click on Mail.RU checker and then click on add to chrome button. Then a pop-up will appear which has two options, one is adding an extension and another is cancelled. Then click on add extension. It will start downloading; now Mail.RU checker is part of your Chromebook.

  • RU music player:

Every person is fond of music. People listen to the music based on their mood, hobbies, choice, and etc. depend on the persons mood type of songs are available such as a sad song,party songs, festival song, traditional song, occasional songs, etc. Now you can listen and download each type of music from Mail.RU music player. It downloads very fast and you can share or dedicate your songs to friends and loving one by using this app.Go to the chrome web store and click on Mail.RU music player app. Now click on add to chrome. This app is now yours just by clicking on adding extensions. You are able to enjoy with your favorite songs.