Kik Application For Chromebook free download

Chromebook is a smart, innovative combination of a laptop and a tablet which is very compact and easy to handle and manage. It can also be used to stay connected with friends and other people through a very fun application known as Kik app. It is one of the most downloaded messenger for mobiles and can also be installed in Chromebook.

Chromebook will make the life easier, for instance, when one is taking notes in class it is awkward to pull out the mobile and reply to a message, but with Kik installed in the Chromebook one can accomplish the tasks together on the same device. It allows its users to send messages without a phone number  and also allows to share videos, games, images and many more things. The app also accommodates a built in browser so one does not need to exit the app to find something to share with friends.



Features of Kik App:

  • It is the most easiest way to stay connected with friends, be in the loop and explore the world through chat
  • It does not require a phone number, one just needs to select a username.
  • One can also select who to chat with one-on-one and in groups
  • It allows users to share images, video, games etc.
  • It has a feature to connect with new people who share similar interests.

Steps to Download Kik Application on Chromebook:

  1. At first download Twerk application, then search for Kik on Play store and copy paste the URL after “id=”.
  2. The next step is to check into the Chrome extension for your browser.
  3. Press the Developer Mode tab and then click on the Load unpacked extension.
  4. Select the folder named, load it and get the Kik app.

One can also use ARChon route. Install ARChon search for Kik app in it, download and install the same.