Kig for Chromebook

Kig on Chromebook :Kig is an open source freeware program that is used to explore geometry constructions. It is provided by KDE Education project, essential in Python scripting and creating macros using existing constructions.

As being an open source it can be downloaded directly to a computer without any kind of permission. If a person wants to distribute it, then there is no need to give any key. The software is not locked and all its features are ready to use the software has fully installed.

It is a powerful and useful utility for teachers, students and anyone who wants to use it. Working on Kig is very user-friendly and it is built to work on various levels of computer platforms.



It is not only built to handle geometrical objects, but it can also handle:

  1. Beziers curves of 2nd and 3rd degree.
  2. The cubic curve of 9 points.
  3. Double point cubic Curve of 6 Points
  4. Cusp cubic curve of 4 points.

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How to Download Kig for Chromebook

Installing Kig using Play Store

  1. Check if your Chromebook is compatible for installing Android apps: Chromebook Play Store Compatibility
  2. If your Chromebook is compatible, then you can install Play store by following these instructions. After that search for “Kigand install the app on your chromebook.
  3. If your Chromebook is not compatible you can download the Play store apk and installing it manually, After that you can follow the steps mentioned above to find the “Kig” app and install it on your device.

Installing Kig using Chrome Browser

  1. If the software is not available on Play store, then you can try finding “Kig” on the chrome web store.
  2. Open chrome browser and go to the Web store, search for “Kig” and install it.

Install Kig using Rollapp 

  1. If the “Kig” software is not available on chrome web store, then you can go to Rollapp, a useful website to access software online from any device.
  2. Go to the Rollapp website and search for “Kig” and use the application online.