Juice SSH for Chromebook

Chromebook is latest portable laptop which is powered by chrome operating system. It is simple and safe to use and have bundles of impressive features. The ultimate battery life is always with you, so you no need to worry about to find charging point. You can carry it without charger. Latest virus protection and latest features updated by itself, so no need to manually download and upgrades. Chromebook has high booting speed and it is totally virus free. Chromebook gives the facility of auto updates. Chromebook is available for multiple users. It securely keeps everything in sync with multiple devices. Chromebook is a new trend laptop, it’s totally web based, so if you are a web addict then Chromebook is the best option which give gives you everything on a chrome browser which can work online as well as offline.

Secure Socket Shell (SSH):

SSH is a secure socket shell. It is a network protocol that provides a secure channel over an unsecured network. SSH is generally used by network administrators to access machines remotely, executes network commands and copy or move files remotely.

Juice SSH:

JuiceSSH is one stop SSH terminal client which provides the local shell Telnet and Mosh Support, Its pro version has – AES 256 encryption, backup also it has library of code for those long commands which anyone has to type often. But JuiceSSH currently not available in chrome Web store, but there is a good alternative available Secure Shell.
Secure Shell  is stand alone SSH client  and terminal for Chrome. It does not need external proxies to connect servers, It uses native client to connect SSH servers.

How to install?

  • Search Secure Shell on chrome web store.
  • Open it and click on add to chrome button a pop up will appear, click on add app button
  • Your Secure Shell is ready to use, now you can use it by clicking on launch app button.