Hike Messenger Application for Chromebook free download

Hike messenger for chrome book- a new application of what apps make it quite easier for the person who use their computer for messaging their contact without using their phones. Hike messenger for chrome book is one of the best applications that bring some latest features in front of a bigger player. The hike messenger app beats WhatsApp to complete voice calling board and that is one of the biggest fears for the developers.

Hike messenger was judged as the eight most used application with only another Indian application with in the fray. And a toady hike messenger is becoming one of the best mobile developer fraternities, despite of having various existing competitors.


Signing for hike messenger is somewhat similar to signing into WhatsApp, just you have to enter contact number and receive a code where one can ascertain in the device in which it has to be installed and a number is connected to it is just yours.

Features of hike messenger

  • Hike direct- with this wonderful app you can easily chat and share your files without any internet connection or in zero data, while you are travelling, pretty anywhere in hundred meters range of a friend. You just have to open a chat, go to three dot menu and there you will tap hike direct to view the magic.
  • Hidden mode of hike- an awesome feature of hike messenger that allows the person to hide their personal or private chats from the people who do not want to show it.

How to download hike messenger

A number one Indian app that has about more than one million downloads on the Google play. Just in four months hike messenger has more than five million users as well as significant investment from the country leading phone network.