FontForge for Chromebook

FontForge on Chromebook :FontForge  is a font editor. It is software which helps you in editing and creating fonts in end number of formats. FontForge is a fully featured font editor which supports all the popular font formats. It is free software which is distributed under a mix of the 3-clause BSD License and the GNU General Public License Version 3.

It is confined into 12 languages and is also available for numerous operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This program was mainly developed by George Williams until 2012.


Features of FontForge are as follows:

  • Practically offers almost all the features of FontLab.
  • It facilitates automated format conversion and other tasks which are repetitive.
  • It can runs scripts in Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Implements in two languages including Phyton.
  • Phyton module, it can be integrated into any Phton program.
  • It can also auto trace bitmap images by using Auto Trace or Potrace.

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How to Download FontForge for Chromebook

Installing FontForge using Play Store

  1. Check if your Chromebook is compatible for installing Android apps: Chromebook Play Store Compatibility
  2. If your Chromebook is compatible, then you can install Play store by following these instructions. After that search for “FontForge and install the app on your chromebook.
  3. If your Chromebook is not compatible you can download the Play store apk and installing it manually, After that you can follow the steps mentioned above to find the “FontForge” app and install it on your device.

Installing FontForge using Chrome Browser

  1. If the software is not available on Play store, then you can try finding “FontForge” on the chrome web store.
  2. Open chrome browser and go to the Web store, search for “FontForge” and install it.

Install FontForge using Rollapp 

  1. If the “FontForge” software is not available on chrome web store, then you can go to Rollapp, a useful website to access software online from any device.
  2. Go to the Rollapp website and search for “FontForge” and use the application online.