FaceTime for Chromebook


FaceTime for Chromebook: Chromebook one of the recent inventions in the range of laptops that has brought complete innovation and has provided an edge to the users. Laptop users with Chromebook can experience convenience and feel the ease of using laptops. This laptop is connected to cloud, wherein every data stored or worked on by the users gets stored centrally on cloud. In short, users if connected to internet on their laptops can create back up of their data and have access to it from anywhere in the world.

FaceTime for Chromebook

About FaceTime

FaceTime is an IOS application which facilitates users to make video calls. For doing FaceTime, users will have to make use of the front camera such that faces of both the caller and receiver can be shared over the call. It is an advanced version of video calling and works just perfectly well with a good network connection. So while you are trying to use FaceTime, just be sure that you are connected to internet and thus have a good time connecting to people sitting far away from you.

How to download FaceTime on Chromebooks?

We all know that Facetime is an iOS application that works really well on MAC, iPhone, iPads and other Apple devices. The chromebook version for Facetime has not been made available yet. One needs to use Google Hangouts in place of Facetime to carry out video chats and video sessions on chromebooks.

Chromebook is a Google’s device and this is why most of the third party applications are not supported by these devices. It is better for security purposes, but most of the users are facing troubles because of it. So, Google is looking ahead to make changes to chromebook so that all apps and extensions works properly on these devices. We hope that Facetime is made available soon for Chromebook users.