Facebook Messenger for Chromebook

Facebook Messenger for Chromebook: Most Chromebook users complained that they couldn’t install Android Apps on the Chrome OS. Many apps including Facebook Messenger couldn’t be install on the Chromebook and a lot of users weren’t happy with it. However, this changed with the advent of the Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) Welder app. XDA Developers developed the ARC Welder app which allowed the Chromebook users to install a number of Android apps on their Chromebook which was not possible earlier. With the help of the ARC Welder, people can install compatible Android Apps including the Facebook Messenger on the Chromebook.

Facebook Messenger for Chromebook

Steps to Download Facebook Messenger for Chromebook

Facebook messenger is the de-facto messenger app associated with your Facebook account. You can easily login to your Messenger app through your Facebook account to chat to any of your Facebook friends over the Internet. You can also send them images, videos, audios and make phone and video calls over the internet with any operator cost. You can now install theFacebook Messenger on your Chromebook with the help of ARC Welder.

Follow these steps to install Facebook Messenger for Chromebook users:

  • Start off by installing the ARC Welder app on your Chromebook. You can easily find the app as a separate extension pack on the Chrome Store.
  • Download the Facebook Messenger apk file you need to install on your Chromebook. An Android apk file is the extension which Android supports.
  • After getting theFacebook Messenger apk, all you have to do is open you ARC Welder extension app. Now click on “Add your Apk” to add you apk file to ARC Welder.
  • Next up, configure your ARC Welder settings to make sure theFacebook Messenger runs properly on your Chromebook.Although you don’t need to overly change the settings but it is wise to check the settings before loading the apk.
  • Finally, click on the “Launch App” button. It will launch the Facebook Messenger app on your Chromebook as a new window tab.