DS Emulator for Chromebook


DS Emulator for Chromebook: Chromebook is a simple and fast computer which is developed by Google. It runs on the popular Chrome OS. Most of its features and functionality requires an active internet connection to perform. It provides you with latest protection from virus and has multiple features making it better than most of the other computers out there. Unlike the traditional computers, Chromebook doesn’t slow down with time and provides a long battery backup as well.

DS Emulator for Chromebook

About DS Emulator

DS Emulator is the one which allows emulating Nintendo DS on hardware which is not native to it. There are many different apps available in the market which does the job of providing the best emulation for this Nintendo DS. And through them you can use it on devices such as your PC or even your mobile. And if you own a Chromebook, then now you can be happy as you can install DS Emulator app on your Chromebook as well. All you are required to do to install it on your Chromebook is to follow the below mentioned steps.

Steps to install DS Emulator for Chromebook

  • Installing DS Emulator is easy and can be done by a tool called ARC Welder, developed by Google.
  • To download the tool, go to Chrome Store search bar. Search for this tool. Click on download to install it.
  • Once the tool gets installed, download the APK file if any DS Emulator app which you like. Websites such as APK mirror are your one stop source for getting APK files of most apps.
  • Download the APK file and then go to the Chrome app launcher.
  • There, you have to click on the ARC Welder icon. After that ARC Welder’s window will open with a clean UI.
  • An “Add your APK” button will pop up. You need topress this button and select the DS Emulator app APK file.
  • Launch the app is with the Launch App Button. This will make the app open in a new window.
  • Now the app is installed and you can emulate Nintendo DS on your Chromebook and enjoy every bit of it.