Download Vine for Chromebook

Download Vine for Chromebook: Chromebook is the latest offering from Google which is getting very popular as of late. It is the new supercomputer which is extremely fast. It runs on the popular Chrome OS and works at a lightning speed. It comes with various amazing features which make it hard to resist this computer. It also comes with a full-time anti-virus protection. Most of your files on their Chromebook are saved in the cloud. Hence, you can save a lot of space and get your files whenever necessary.

How to download Vine for Chromebook

About Vine

Through Vine, the users can record video clips which are short in length, around six seconds long. The video can be recorded through Vine’s in-app camera. The camera can record videos when the user keeps the screen touched. This enabling the users many benefits. They can edit on the fly. They can also create stop-motion effects with this app. If you want to download Vine on your Chromebook, then you do not need to worry. You could just follow the easy steps mentioned below and get Vine easily.

Steps to download Vine for Chromebook

  • Installing Vine is easy. You need a tool developed by Google to download it.
  • The tool is known as ARC Welder. Just go to Chrome Store search bar. Search for this tool. Click on install to install it.
  • After the tool is installed, you need to download the Vine APK file. Just Google it and download from any website, including APK mirror.
  • After the APK file is downloaded, you are required to go to the Chrome app launcher. Click the ARC Welder icon there.
  • You will see “Add your APK” option. Press this button.
  • Select the Vine APK file and hit the launch app button thereafter.
  • The app will open in a fresh window. The app is installed on your Chromebook. Enjoy and use it as you desire.