Download Ubuntu for Chromebook

Download Ubuntu for Chromebook: Chromebook is simply a laptop running on Chrome OS as its operating system. Chromebook makes your life easy and convenient. From picking up where you left Chromebooks stay synced with all your Android gadgets like phone & tablets, and every other place where you’re signed in using your Google account, so your stuff remains with you, even when your laptop doesn’t.

How to Download Ubuntu for Chromebook

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is based on Debian-based Linux operating system and OS/distribution for personal computers, smartphones, and network servers like Chromebooks. Its default user interface is based on Unity. It is built on free software and named as the Southern African conception of Ubuntu “human-ness”, which usually is translated as the credence. It is a universal bond of sharing which connects all humanity or humanity towards others.

How to download Ubuntu for Chromebook?

Before you begin to download Ubuntu, make sure to turn on the developer mode which is usually turned off or locked down due to security reasons. Enabling this will allow you to have access to Linux terminal using Chrome OS.

  • Download the crouton file on your Chromebook, after that open up terminal using CRTL+ALT+T. Ubuntu is a trustable version of Ubuntu which we are going to download. You can change this with any version of Ubuntu that you required. As it is free you are allowed to choose any environment that you desire.
  • After completing installation of, you can boot into graphics by simply typing in Sudo stsrtxfce4
  • If you just require to install chroot without any graphics, enter the command Sudoentre-chroot – n trusty (in case you installed any other Ubuntu distribution simply replace it by trusty)
  • At last, perform an update on all the packages once you are booted into Ubuntu.

By following the above mentioned steps, you would be easily able to install the Ubuntu system on your laptop. So what are you waiting for, once you are done with installation begin using Ubuntu on your Chromebook.