Download tor for Chromebook

Download tor for Chromebook: A Chromebook is simply a laptop running on Chrome OS as its operating system. Chromebooks are meant to be used primarily while connected to the Internet network, as most of its applications and data are residing in the cloud storage. Chromebook makes your life easy and convenient, as all the application on Chromebook is automatically updated. So your Chromebook won’t slow down over time it shall also keep your virus and other malware protection up to date.

Download tor for Chromebook

About Tor

Tor (The Onion Router) was originally a World Wide Web network of servers formed with the U.S. Navy that allowed people to anonymously browse the internet. Tor is a non-profit association whose main objective is research and advancement of online privacy tools.The Tor network covers your identification by passing your traffic across several Tor servers. Encrypting that traffic is not easy and tangible for the users. If in the case of anybody trying to access your network or machine, it can be easily tracked to keep your system or network protected.

How to download Tor?

Before you begin with the download of Tor on your Chromebook it is important to ensure on the following devices Chromebook, proxy server app and also the orbot app. Once these applications are present follow the steps mentioned below to download Tor;

  • Install all the applications and also set up Orbot for use.
  • The proxy server app can also be installed using the socks server app.
  • The essentials of carrying out this step are redirecting the traffic on orbot port. It can be easily done by scrolling down on the proxy server application of Android and fill forward to host.
  • At the host, simply fill local host while at the port put Orbot port “8118”,
  • Then lastly, set the proxy configuration on the Chromebook using Foxyproxy in the system.