Download Skype for Chromebook

Download Skype for Chromebook: Chromebook users only have the option to run the Android apps using an Android Runtime tool. Today, you can find a number of Runtime tools to help you run Android apps on your Chromebook and some of the most prominent ones out of them are the ARC (Android Runtime for Chrome) Welder app by the XDA Developers and ARChon Packager app.

Download Skype for Chromebook

Steps to Download Skype for Chromebook

Skype is the widely used video calling app across various platforms including Android, windows and Linux. The Skype Messenger allows you to video call to a maximum group of 50 people at a single time free of cost over the internet besides also providing a lower call rate if you want to call someone over the phone network. Earlier the Skype Messenger was not available for the Chrome OS users and they had to do with other apps. But now, you can install the Skype Tool with the ARC Welder app.

You can install Skype Messenger on your Chrome OS device by following these instructions:

  • First things first, search for the ARChon runtime app for you Chromebook on the Chrome Store. Once found the compatible version, install the app.
  • On your Android Device, install the ARChon Packager app and package of the official Skype app. Transfer the packaged file to your Chromebook by uploading it to you Google Drive and you can subsequently find it on the Chromebook.
  • Extract the Skype all onto your device and install the app using the Extensions option in Chromebook.
  • You will have to activate the “Developers Mode” to help you to load the Skype app extension.
  • Now, load the Skype App with the help of the “Loaded Unpacked Extension” option on the runtime app.
  • Your Skype app is now ready to be used on your Chromebook.