How to download Oovoo for Chromebook

Download ooVoo for Chromebook

Download ooVoo for Chromebook: Chromebook is one of the most amazing additions made in the series of laptops. This laptop is based on Google operating system which has made the life of a user much more convenient and easy to use. A Chromebook is quite user-friendly and user of every kind and type can make the most of it.

How to download Oovoo for Chromebook

What should you know about OoVoo?

With ooVoo installed on your laptops, you can make quality and free video or voice calls to other users. This application will keep you in contact with all your friends and family who are far away from you. While using video calls through this app, the best thing is the voice is quite clear and you can communicate with up to 12 users at a time. These video or voice calls are free to make and can be easily connected using Wi-Fi or data pack on your network. Users can even make use of free characters which is a fun thing to use and enhance your experience of using the application.

How to download OoVoo for Chromebook?

For users who are looking forward to downloading ooVoo on Chromebook can preferably follow the steps mentioned below;

  • To download ooVoo, initially, download ARC Welder using official website.
  • Once you reach to the official site, click on add to chrome
  • Within no time, the app will be added to your google chrome for further use
  • Open the application and look for search tab
  • Type ooVoo on the tab, and within no time the application will be available for you
  • Simply click on download, and give it sometime unless the download process gets completed.
  • Upon downloading, install the application and you will be all ready to make use of the application to make free voice and video calls all over the world to your friends and family members.