Download Firefox for Chromebook

Download Firefox for Chromebook

Download Firefox for Chromebook: Chromebook is one of the recent innovations made in the world of laptops. It is the first laptop which is based on Chrome OS and can be handled by users with utter convenience and comfort. With the use of Chromebook customers can expect to have access to their data from almost anywhere. The data stored on the laptop automatically gets synced on to your cloud account, provided you are connected to INTERNET while using it. Thus customers can expect to experience the best use of technology by having access to Chromebook.

Download Firefox for Chromebook

About Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is an open source web browser which can be used on laptops or computer systems based on Windows, OS X and Linux operating system. It can be even used on Android and Firefox OS using the mobile applications.  The web browser is loaded with wholesome of features which includes spell checks, tabbed browsing, smart bookmarks, download manager, private browsing etc. Firefox thus provides users with the environment of web developers which can be used for having access to the built-in tools and making the most out of it.

How to download Firefox on Chromebook?

For users who wish to download Firefox on their Chromebook, they can preferably follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Before you begin with the download of Firefox it is important to install ARC welder from its official website.
  • Once you are on the official website, click on the add to Chrome tab
  • Upon clicking this, within no time this application will be added to your Chrome browser for further use.
  • Proceed ahead to open the application, and on the search bar type Firefox
  • After some time Firefox results will be displayed for you to download. By following this process you would be able to download the android version of Firefox for future use.

So what are you thinking about, simply follow the steps mentioned above and have Firefox on your Chromebook.