Download Chrome OS for Chromebook

Download Chrome OS for Chromebook: Chromebook is a laptop which is running on Chrome OS operating system. This device is best when used with the internet. It automatically syncs your data to the cloud, which enables you to use it almost from anywhere in the world. These laptops have in every way provided convenience and comfort to the users and have made their life a lot easy.

How to download Chrome OS for Chromebook

About Chrome OS

Chrome OS is an operating system which has been designed by Google and based on the Linux system. Chromebook is the first laptop which is based on Chrome OS. It comes integrated with the media player and file manager. Now when the laptops with Chrome OS have become a part of the market, these products are evaluated on the basis of the hardware and the OS on which it is running.

How to download Chrome OS for Chromebook?

Usually, chrome OS is already installed on your system, but what if you want to reinstall it in your system. This process is quite useful when you have really messed with the developer mode and wish to get back the original form of your laptop. In order to begin with download of Chrome OS follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Disable the developer mode on your Chromebook which is the first step towards uninstallation.
  • Once the developer mode is disabled, it will remove all the data and then reset your system to default state.
  • Give a restart to your Chromebook and you will find the standard OS verification off message in front of you. So instead of just pressing Ctrl + D, simply press the space button in order to enable OS verification or disable developer mode.
  • Now create recovery media to reinstall the Chrome OS on your system. If in case you see a message that Chrome OS is missing or damaged, which means your Chromebook cannot boot.
  • In such a situation simply create a recovery media from Window, Mac, and OS etc. This will enable you to reinstall Chrome OS.