Dolphin Application for Chromebook free download

A big reason behind the explosion of Chromebook in popularity is that it’s not a standalone desktop, it rather serves through a large number of modern applications. For a recent buyer of a Chromebook, the Chrome App store is going to work out at most of Google’s platform. The devices used in the Chrome operating system are faster, more secure and offer thousands of applications to run in a simple and systematic way.

For one of such useful application for syncing computer with other devices like tabs, mobile phones and even bookmarks across all devices and Chrome browser, Dolphin is the best solution. It is the fastest, easiest and most fun browser available. It also has the feature of voice enabling. One can simply send phone numbers, directions or photos across different devices. The best part of the app is that it lets one going though interesting stuff, bookmark them and check out later. Mostly the sites that are difficult to read on mobile devices. It is stable, functional and remains out of the way.


Features of Dolphin:

  • User friendly Interface.
  • Displays Last sync and Last online timings.
  • Enable to view bookmarks on mobile devices.
  • Enabled to push to or receive from devices which are offline.

Steps to Download Dolphin:

  1. Download Arc Welder on your device by checking the online link available on the official website.
  2. Install Arc Welder on your system by following the simple instructions.
  3. Once Arc welder is installed, you can simply visit the search button available with Arch Welder and enter Dolphin in the search.
  4. Download Dolphin from the available search results.
  5. Once downloaded follow the steps of installation of the app.
  6. When installed, click on the application and start enjoying its features.