Dolphin browser for Chromebook

Chromebooks have become an integral part of the lives of people who are using it as they have done the browsing and surfing way more easy and comfortable experience. The effortless administration it requires, quick set up and improved hardware specification have brought it a good name with respect to other competitors. They are considered an ideal choice for homes and offices these days. Chromebooks have many interesting features like built in voice search, a photo editor and a PDF viewer which is  very commonly required.

Well, apart from these features are thousands of apps available on the web store across several categories. One such app is the Dolphin browser express which is an excellent browser as it meets all the requirements of a complete and perfect browsing experience.


What is Dolphin Browser expressing all about?

It is a web browser which provides you fast, smart and customized experience of web browsing and searching the web. It completely beats other browsers in many ways, including the loading speed and HTML support. It can be freely downloaded. With the interesting features like incognito browsing, Adblock and adobe flash player it is really convenient way of browsing the web. The browsers surfing, gestures and sidebars make the experience intuitive and more of a fun.

How to install dolphin browser express on your Chromebook?

  • For downloading Dolphin Express Browser on the Chromebook these are the simple steps which need to be followed.
  • First you need to download the Arc Welder on the Chromebook and this can be easily done by checking the official link on the website.
  • After installing that, in the search tab type Dolphin Express Browser and press enter.
  • Then download and install the Dolphin Express Browser available in the search results and enjoy the completely new experience of browsing.