Digitally Imported Radio for Chromebook

Digitally Imported Radio on Chromebook: People who like to stream with the ultimate level of Radio functions; they are getting a drift with the best available radio option called Digitally imported Radio. The Digitally imported Radio is a well optimized APK option on the platform of android and it’s reviewed well by its user interface. Here all the radio fans will get the thrill to stream with a digital radio service which provides a connectivity over 90 channels and it’s the first app which brings you “first to air content” and helps you to find the stations as fast as it can.

Including all the basic radio functions the Digitally imported Radio is highly optimized with other exceptional features which have been described here.



  • DIR provides you an access over 90+ channels.
  • Background playing.
  • Users will be able to save their favorite channels easily.
  • Sleep Timer options.
  • Better quality, customization.
  • Data Streaming options for the Cellular VS. Wi-Fi Network.
  • Easy sharing functions to the Media like Facebook, Email, Twitter and etc.
  • Being updated with your most favorite functions instantly.

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How To Download:

Interested people can easily find this APK in the Android Google Play Store. Just by searching the name of Digitally imported Radio you will easily able to find the app then download it just by following the procedure.