DesignDoll for Chromebook

DesignDoll on Chromebook :DesignDoll lets you create and manipulate personalized sketch dolls in 3D space. This software program can be used to create collections of 3D models.

DesignDoll is all that you need for creating postures, compositions and other add-ons that are demanded by artists worldwide. The built-in functions found in the program were added to satisfy the needs of customers.


Features of DesignDoll

  • Comes with various perspective functions, emphatic expressions and deformations
  • Use it to change the form and size of models with ease.
  • Build your own pose collection, create multiple figure portrayals, make minute adjustments, synthesize data, share poses and models.
  • Add effects, import external 3D models and paint directly on models.
  • Set light sources, stock your favorite data and reduce model creation time.
  • Download poses, models, create natural compositions, use different viewing angles and create high quality drafts.

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How to Download DesignDoll for Chromebook

Installing DesignDoll using Play Store

  1. Check if your Chromebook is compatible for installing Android apps: Chromebook Play Store Compatibility
  2. If your Chromebook is compatible, then you can install Play store by following these instructions. After that search for “DesignDoll” and install the app on your chromebook.
  3. If your Chromebook is not compatible you can download the Play store apk and installing it manually, After that you can follow the steps mentioned above to find the “DesignDoll” app and install it on your device.

Installing DesignDoll using Chrome Browser

  1. If the software is not available on Play store, then you can try finding “DesignDoll” on the chrome web store.
  2. Open chrome browser and go to the Web store, search for “DesignDoll” and install it.

Install DesignDoll using Rollapp 

  1. If the “DesignDoll” software is not available on chrome web store, then you can go to Rollapp, a useful website to access software online from any device.
  2. Go to the Rollapp website and search for “DesignDoll” and use the application online.