CM Browser Application for Chromebook free download

Chromebook is latest portable laptop which is powered by chrome operating system. It is simple and safe to use and have bundles of impressive features. The ultimate battery life is always with you, so you no need to worry about to find charging point. You can carry it without charger. Latest virus protection and latest features updated by itself, so no need to manually download and upgrades.


Features of CM Browser:

CM browser can protect your system from malicious threats. The size of this browser is very small which help to run smoothly in your systems. It is a fraud protection app with antivirus. This app is more compatible with flash support. It gives the latest news of the world on the home page. To boost browsing speed it uses preload mechanism, which accelerates the browsing speed. The user interface gives you-

  • Bookmarks, so that you can track your sites
  • Card tabs animation, allow you to manage more than one web page intuitively.
  • Speed dial for your favorite sites.
  • Gesture control.

How to download CM browser for Chromebook?

For now, CM browser is not available for Chromebook. But you have a choice of Ultron browser. Ultron Browser is the best alternative for CM browser. Without any error this browser can work in zero gravity. More RAM downloading is provided by Ultron browser. Ultron brings you to best security. If there is any defect in Ultron, it automatically deletes itself and makes internet explorer your default browser, so it keeps you safe in any condition. When Ultron runs in pink it means that it runs up to 25% faster.

You can easily download it from chrome app stores. Search Ultron browser on chrome web store and start downloading the file by clicking add to chrome. It works fabulously with Chromebook.