Cloud Magic Email for Chromebook

Chromebook is the latest development in the world of technology. It is basically a development of tablet and laptop which has made our life easy. Only you have to log in to the Google account. Cloud Magic Email for Chromebook free download is the latest development in computer. It is an award winning email app. It can work with Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Google Apps, Yahoo, and with an Exchange account. What else do you need? You are getting all types of facilities through this Cloud Magic Email. It is the best email app in mobile and you can complete the work from inbox TechCrunch.


Features of Cloud Magic Email

Today, technology has developed very fast and that is why you can get the world in your hands, in your mobile. Why do you add cloud magic in your Google? You will add it as you can avail so many facilities at a time.

  • It works with all types of email like Gmail, Google, Yahoo, Outlook etc.
  • You will get instant push notifications for all types of email.
  • Cloud Magic uses the power of cloud to send you reliable push notifications.
  • You can connect this with your favorite tools.
  • It can save emails to Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, and OneNote and in many more apps
  • It gets complete support of Microsoft Exchange, Support for Exchange.
  • It has Custom Folder Sync settings which may be useful to you.
  • You can use it on battery which is long lasting and data, emails are pushed from the cloud instead of constant polling.

How to download cloud on Chromebook

To get the cloud magic email with Chromebook free download, you have to go to the Cloud Magic settings to your favorite account. Then you need to tap on Email Accounts, First you have to select your account. You will get Under Notifications, you have turned ON or OFF to the new mail notifications. You have to log in your details in it you will get the benefits of it.