Calligra Suite on Chromebook

Calligra Suite is a set of applications written to help you to accomplish your work. The Calligra project being part of the KDE community is dedicated to producing Free Software. Therefore, you can download and install the Calligra Suite free of charge. The Calligra project only provides source code that can be building, but the suite can be installed on various operating systems using contributed installation packages.


The features of Calligra Suite

  • Words for text processing: Words are an intuitive word processor application with desktop publishing features. With it, you can create informative and attractive documents with ease.
  • Sheets for computations: Sheets is a fully featured spreadsheet application. You can use it to quickly create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, to calculate and organize your data.
  • The stage for presentations: Stage is a powerful and easy to use presentation application. You can dazzle your audience with stunning slides containing images, videos, animation and more.
  • Plan for the planning of different projects.
  • Flow for flowcharts. Flow is used for diagramming and flow charting.
  • Kexi for database creation: Kexi is used for integrated data management.

In the field of Calligra Art, it offers cutting edge applications for artists to work on 2D drawings and illustrations:

Karbon is used for drawing vector graphics.

How to download this app

  1. Unfold power of the rollApp Cloud application platform.
  2. With rollApp Premium for Groups, you get the full set of productivity, education, scientific applications, and utilities. Everything comes in one package available to all supported devices ranging from Chromebooks and laptops to tables and smartphones.