Best Travel Apps For Chromebook

For travelers who prefer lightweight devices for their trips and also are keen to use technology for making the trip more exciting and easy, Chromebook is the best gadget. It is quite handy, very light weight, and is designed to be used mostly online. It keeps the data secured and cannot be accessed by anyone else. So, this is ideal for travel. It has a variety of built in apps and comes with a seamless access to Google Drive accounts.

One can also use Gmail and other useful apps offline to write mails and messages, even when disconnected. However, for a more convenient and exciting trip there is a great line of useful travel apps and extensions to use from. Here are suggestions of few great traveling apps that will make the trips better.

Top 5 Travel Apps for Chromebook:



  • It is one of the fastest and easiest way to plan the travel. It provides all the necessary research one requires for traveling.
  • From flights, trains, charter flights to hotels and even vacation rentals. It can save a lot of time, money and effort by comparing top travel sites and show the best combinations of flights and hotels, suitable for one’s budget.
  • The interface of the app is user friendly and easy to adapt.
  1. TouristEye


  • It is a step ahead of the combination of a guidebook and map.
  • It covers pre-trip discovery with a wish list where one can save experience related to culture, cuisine or adventure that one is looking out for on the trip ahead.
  • It helps one in seeing where the travel research is headed. It recommends spots that should not be missed out and also provide texts, photos and maps when offline.
  1. Mapnificent


  • Mapnificent is a very useful app for showing the areas one can reach using public transport from any point in a given time.
  • It works for all major cities around the globe.
  • It also accommodate feature that lets one look at two time based intersecting maps and find locations that are convenient to both the parties to meet who are at different locations.
  1. Tripit 


  • This app helps one combine multiple trip details into a single itinerary. It works as a travel organizer.
  • The itinerary combines maps, weather and directions of the place. One can access the entire information anywhere and anytime.
  • It works in a very simple manner, first one can forward their confirmed reservation emails to Tripit, then it automatically transforms that into a master itinerary and finally one can view the same in a single platform.
  1. Airbnb


  • It is an app that allows for a search for Airbnb properties without leaving the website one was on.
  • It helps in reserving unique accommodations around the globe for instance, if one is looking for a tree house, Airbnb is perfect in that case and so on.
  • It has a wide network and is very simple to use.