Best Photo Editing Apps For Chromebook

A big reason behind the explosion of Chromebook in popularity is that it’s not a standalone desktop, it rather serves through a large number of modern applications. Photo editing is a part of one’s day to day life. With so many apps available to choose from with powerful and sometimes complicated features, it becomes quite difficult to select the best one. Each option in the store offers its own dynamic tools and specific tasks. Each one can work better, faster, or easier than others. The result one gets is an image that looks like a professionally edited one.

The Chromebook by default comes with a very basic image editor, however, its operating system integrated image editor is very great. Further, third party apps are also considered to be a real solution in this case too. The web store offers a huge variety of options. Here is suggestion of few best Image editing apps available in the store to select from.

Top 5 Chromebook Photo Editing Apps:

  1. Pixlr Editor


  • It is considered to be the best and most powerful image editor available on Chromebook and is alike to Photoshop. It is completely web based.
  • It creates images from scrap, layering, filters, effects to transform.
  • It is integrated directly with Google Drive, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook. Thus easily accessible and can save files locally as well as in the cloud.

2. Sumo Paint


  • The best thing about this app is that one can share ideas and discuss problems with other users.
  • The features of the app include filters, effects, layering, paint brushes, photo enhancement and transformation tools, shape tools and many more.
  • It provides more or less similar features to Pixlr but without disturbing and intruding advertisements.
  1. Polarr 2


  • This app is a powerful tool and can be compared to Adobe Lightroom.
  • One can open raw images from digital camera from this app and then work upon details. It has filters similar to Instagram and can take any photo from 75 to 100 in a snap.
  • It can also make fine adjustments to everything in an image from specific color temperature to its placement on the tone curve. The best thing is that it comes with paintbrush features.

4. Pixlr Touch Up


  • It has been developed by the developers of Pixlr Editors, the only difference is that this one works offline.
  • It contains all essential editing tools and the most popular feature is the touch up tool.
  • It allows to quickly remove flaws from images and makes them perfect.

5. iPiccy Photo Editor


  • This app lists all the available options in a column, making editing much easier and simple for the users.
  • It has a wide range of visual effects, airbrush capabilities and a great auto edit option. The installation of this app in Chromebook is very simple and puts a button on the start menu.
  • The most popular feature is the auto filter mode which can turn a normal image into a kaleidoscopic retreat to eyes.