Best Health app for Chromebook 2016

 A very useful laptop which is able to do the entire task in a fraction of seconds, compared to other laptops, is called Chromebook is a machine comes with chrome OS which is different from a usual trend. It offers simple and very easy to use interface, if one can use a browser, Chrome OS is good for them. It backs up everything on the cloud makes things Hassle free on the go.

In coming future user will be able to use most of the play store apps in their Chromebook which is quite interesting in terms of user experience. As Health is also a crucial part of our life, Many Health/Fitness Apps can be used going forward in Chromebook which can help us in our Fitness by keeping track of your daily routine and goals, Apart from counting your steps there is much more to take care of and following Health apps can provide that..


Top Five Health Apps:

 Myfitnesspal:  this is a great tool for keeping you on track with your objectives. This app is used for calories counting. This app asks you about your goal (lose weight, maintain weight and gain weight), once selecting your goal, it will ask, how much you are active so that it will provide right diet. Over 5 million foods are available in myfitnesspal apps database. It means it is almost impossible to not find a food that is in your diet. Millions of people have lost weight with the help of this app.

Mysugar: Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a long period. Sugar app is a loyal diabetes companion. This app is loved by more than 600,000 people. This app is quick and convenient, instantly send blood glucose readings from your meter into Mysugar logbook.

Fitnet : The people who don’t make out some time for their physical activities due to their busy schedules so there are Fitnet app available which is an abundance of five-and seven-minute workout. This app can save your time and help to reach your fitness goal. In short, it is a personal trainer for everyone. Once you get going it’s somewhat addictive. Webcam on your device’s can provide with real-time feedback on your performance. In a few days you are able to easily build your schedule at the most convenient and realistic pace of your fitness goal.

Daily yoga: This app is like a caching class, which is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced. More than 50 yoga classes and 500 yoga poses are available in this app. Also more than 50 HD videos can one watch. Casual, moderate and intense three different workout intensities included in this app. New contents added every month. One of the best features of this app is that no internet connection is required after downloading.

Healthtap:  100,000 doctors available for your help and 24/7 available for solve your query.  You can talk a doctor whenever and wherever you want and can take their advice by sharing photos or test results immediately. You can also pay for a virtual consult to a doctor of your choice during their virtual office hours. Top doctors available to give free useful tips on both medical and wellness topics.