Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook 2016

A laptop of distinct breed is called as Chromebook. It runs Google’s Chrome OS that boots in 10 seconds. It can be yours in very low price tag. Chrome apps such as Gmail, Google Drive and Pocket etc. can work without internet connectivity. Chromebook have long battery life. Built in protection is available which protects malware and viruses, and it gets updated automatically no manual intervention is required, hence there is no need to purchase any anti-viruses, which save money as well time. Chromebook update it for free, so you always have latest version no need to download and updates. Runs chrome OS, an operating system that’s fast, simple and secure. Safety provided for files and photos and automatically backed up is also provided.

Numbers of apps are available for Chromebook, they keep Chromebook running fast and keep your files safe. By using chrome app you can work, play and do whatever you want anywhere, It always keeps your data, files in sync.


Some of the Best Available Chromebook Drawing Apps

Let’s talk about some best drawing apps available on Chromebook which can take your drawing experience to the next level.

  1. Sketchpad: – with the help of this app you can do lots of experiments with your photos. For example, you can add notes, manipulate graphics and overlay text on anything etc. Drawing, sketching and creating is also possible with a sketchpad.
  2. DeviantART muro: – user can create a complete art using DeviatART muro. There are many specialized ways available in this art. This provides good speed, various functions to perform deferent task. DeviantART muro is free for everyone, there are around 20 program brushes available which is advanced enough that an expert artist can use it. An also simple enough in terms of user experience that a layman also can use it.
  3. OpenOffice Draw: It is an universal drawing tool in which we can start with normal sketch to a complex architecture plan. This app is best option for those, who are interested in graphics and diagrams. With the help of 3D controller you can draw different shapes of cubes, spheres, rings, etc. You can create your own art and that art can be added to the picture gallery, you can also be able to use picture gallery for clipart. Objects can be manipulate or rotate in two or three dimensions. Objects arrangement cal also be possible such as group, ungroup, regroup, etc. flowchart, network diagram, pie chart, organization chart, etc. can be easily drawn by smart connectors .
  4. Sumo Paint: It’s a browser based online drawing application, it is one the best application available. It has features like Filters and effects, Selection tool, around 300 paint brushes, clone stamp tool. If user only want to draw and paint than it’s the most worthy app and it would be difficult to find its replacement.
  1. Touch drawing app: It is quite simple app and best for the beginners, can be drawn by touching your Chromebook pixel screen. It supports the experimental pressure.
  2. InspireARTion-sketch & decorate: one of the best app for drawing which has numbers of cool and amazing brushes, sharing features, symmetry modes, etc. this is best way to explore your creativity.