Best Cloud Storage app for Chromebook

Chromebook is coming back in the market, consumers showing great interest in purchasing it. Chromebook is a faster laptop, it works its entire task in just a few seconds. The price of Chromebook is affordable for consumers. Numbers of apps are available in Chromebook when internet connection is not available. So you can work and enjoy it without internet connection.


Best Cloud Storage App for you :

Chromebook itself provide 100 GB cloud data storage free for 2 years.  There are many cloud storage apps such as Dropbox, Google drive, One drive and Microsoft azure, which can browse and search stored files from the chrome OS file manager.

Dropbox: it is a very useful storage application which has very simple design and functionality. You can place your photos, videos, audio and files with 100% safely. You can easily install Dropbox app on your Chromebook from the chrome web store. You just need an up to date Chromebook, which is to be connected with internet. It simply means that, you are unable to edit or access the files without an internet connection. Also, you cannot save any file on Dropbox with unavailability of internet connection.

Google drive: Google drive is one of the safer app to put your files such as audios, videos, PDF and other documents. You can easily safe your data by just pressing ctrl+s. Sharing of files and folders with others can easily possible with Google drive. Chromebook’s file manager gives opportunities to manage and organize your files in Google drive. Be assured that there is enough space in Chromebook, because if Chromebook running on low space it automatically deleted your files whether they are important or not. This app is very fast as it works in a fraction of seconds. You can quickly access your recent files, and can view your content.

Onedrive: Onedrive is also a cloud storage device similar to the Dropbox and Google drive. With the help of camera backup this app automatically uploads photos and videos to your Onedrive account. This app has a special feature of scanning, it can scan documents using your Onedrive account.

After having cloud storage your Chromebook will feel like a PC. If you want availability of your data without internet connection you have do-

  • Drag and drop the file into chrome operating system downloads folder.
  • Manually save a copy of file in your downloads.

Microsoft Azure: This app provides much type of data storage services such as blob storage, file storage, table storage, queue storage and premium storage. Azure has very high scale of storing data, you can store data up you 500 TB of total storage per account. 50 storages can be provided to a single subscriber. Maximum size of file sharing is 5 TB.

Azure Storage replication options include:

  • RA-GRS: Read-access Geo-redundant storage.
  • GRS: Geo-redundant storage.
  • ZRS: Zone-redundant storage. Available only for block blobs.
  • LRS: Locally redundant storage.

Protection of your data is provided by a variety of security capability. Azure offers premium storage, that is more than 80,000 IOPs.