Best Chromebook Writing Apps


    Best Chromebook Writing Apps: Developed by Google, Chromebook has created a lot of hype in the field of laptop devices and mobile users. Chromebook is an ideal gadget for those who are looking to surf the internet, send emails, download songs, movies and documents, active on social media platform or it can be anything. Chromebook is a useful laptop that lets you handle all the tasks in a quicker way compared to other laptops in the market.

    Best Chromebook Writing Apps

    With the help of this laptop, you can look upon which is completely a new breed of laptop. Cost effective Chromebook is equipped with advanced technology that features Cloud storage with a capacity of storage and also quite secure and let you access from any laptop or computer. This high-speed device gives you excellent surfing and downloading speed that runs on efficient Chrome OS operating system. One of the best features of Chromebook is that it lets you download and install various type of applications easily and also lets you run them on your system.

    Top 4 Best Chromebook Writing Apps

    Chromebook has a number of applications that lets you write comfortably and flexibly. It doesn’t matter how bad you are in writing, with the help of Chromebook you can easily type and write whatever you wish using below applications.

    • Google Docs – It is one of the processors which is an integral component of Google Drive. The online suite lets you write comfortably just like a word processor and it is efficient to handle different writing tasks.
    • Writebox – Another packed app which can be run offline and comes integrated with Chromebook. It is a text editor and provides you easy to write and use.
    • Writer – this chrome app is specially designed to write and edit different long paragraphs and even source codes.
    • StackEdit – Another flexible editor is Stackedit and this application allows you to edit and write files easily even when you are offline. It also helps you save a file in both text and HTML format.