Best Chromebook Weather apps 2016

Chromebook happens to be one of the finest technological products in the recent times. This has indeed changed the way laptops are used. This has resulted so much convenience and ease in our lives and equal credit goes to the amazing application, it has brought up in the store which can be easily downloaded with just at a mouse click. Apart from this the feature of having cloud storage is so beneficial, it defines the freedom to access your stuff anywhere and anytime.

Well, several apps are flooded in the app store for Chromebooks but one of the daily utility and useful apps are the weather apps. Yes,the weather is really an essential part of our life. And being updated about it is really essential and when it can be done using an app it is really wonderful

Some of the best Chromebook weather apps are as follows:

  • Weather Bug: With a four star rating and seven hundred thousand downloads this is one of the most popular and useful weather apps available for the Chromebook. It gives the most accurate information about the local weather conditions. Apart from this the forecast, Doppler radar and quick weather alert about severing conditions are also provided by it. It is well organized and has a great selection of maps and that is what makes it a superior app with respect to the other similar applications. And the added advantage is that this app works even offline.



  • Weather underground: This app is capable of providing weather information for locations across the world. It is a spectacular way of being able to view the current weather conditions across the world. With features like amazing weather photography, and reliable weather data this app is worth the 4 star rating it has got and the half million downloads. The app allows you to make use of several shortcuts for getting the weather information. You can also have the feature to save your favorite locations and navigate through them very easily.



  • Weather now: This is a very simple looking app and follows a very minimal basic information approach. But what is unique about this one is the teensy information it provides in the mix. It combines colorful visuals and reliable weather data; displays the current temperature, the weather conditions and humidity. It also shows the wind speed and the direction of the location that you have entered. At a glance it gives the complete information which is a basic necessity for a person who is keen to know about the weather.



Well weather conditions are important information for sure. As at least it can help you decide whether it is a hoodie day or not for you. And apart from it, should you plan an outing, an outdoor event, etc. You never know where and how useful they can be. So it is recommended always have a weather app on your desktop as per your choice the various weather apps available for the Chromebook as you need to go on whether its rainy or sunny outside.