Best Chromebook Video Editing Apps 2016

Video Editing is a part of our day to day lives. For advanced levels of video editing and capabilities one needs a hardware platform which is capable of handling the demand of complicated software. With a Chromebook one can achieve such similar video editing capabilities using some of the most simple and easy to use applications. These apps are quick, easy and fun to use. They can perform the required tweaks and changes to videos and then can be utilized for sharing the same edited videos with others or upload to websites. Here is a suggestion of certain apps for the same.

Top 6 Video Editing Apps for Chromebook:

  1. Filmora Video Editor:


  • This one is specifically designed for video editing beginners, and still offers high quality features that can make a video look professional.
  • It has features like trim, crop, split, merge, edit audios, filters, etc. It’s very easy to operate and provides the best editing.
  1. Magisto


  • The best part of this app is that it is less time consuming, one just needs to upload a file and select certain basic requirements, the rest of the job is done by the app itself.
  • The movies published under Magisto can be very easily accessed in the “My Movies” and can be shared anywhere.
  • The uploading process under this app will remain uninterrupted by the Internet connection related issues


  1. Stupeflix Video Maker


  • It accommodates all the features one needs to create a good movie.
  • It has several themes to choose from. It has small but high quality features like adoption with the pace of the video to match the audio.
  • Videos can easily be shared, and if one has an account it will allow to save previous videos too.
  1. WeVideo


  • This is one of the most popular and free video editing apps available on the web.
  • It is user friendly, and has a great interface along with a list of features which are tremendous. One can also assess the app’s database for using audios and graphics to complete their own video perfection.
  • The app has a special feature of having 5 GB space with no restrictions to the file size.
  1. Jaycut


  • Jaycut is an editing software specially made for Chromebook.
  • Its interface is quite similar to Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Final Cut etc.
  • It has a large number to transition effects, feature to change the speed of the clips, a drawing tool and a chrome key function.
  1. YouTube Video Editor:


  • Till date this one is considered to be the most perfect and suitable tool for Windows operating system as well as the Chrome operating system. It has a special feature that allows one to edit videos from the page on YouTube.
  • One can also add timelines, transitions, effects, and can crop and trim the parts which are not desired to be a part of the video.
  • It has also got a feature of remix, drag and drop and directly uploads when one is done with the editing.