Best Chromebook PDF Viewer

Best Chromebook PDF Viewer: Are you a hardcore web surfer who always indulges in surfing the internet over the laptop doing multiple tasks like sending e-mails, downloading songs, movies, and documents, active on social media platform or it can be anything. To do all this, tech savvy people definitely need a super computer which is faster than traditionally designed ones.

Best Chromebook PDF Viewer

Chromebook is an ideal one that you can look upon which is completely a new breed of laptop. Cost effective Chromebook is a gadget of advanced technology that features Cloud storage with a capacity of 100GB quite secure and let you access from any laptop or computer. This high-speed device gives you excellent surfing and downloading speed that runs on efficient Chrome OS operating system.

Top 4 Best Chromebook PDF Viewer

Installing fast and user-friendly PDF viewer is quite necessary for users to read and edit documents that cannot be opened online. In order to do so, there are few best Chromebook PDF viewer options available for users that are as follows:

  • Notable PDF Viewer: This is considered to be an advanced form of PDF viewer application for fast running Chromebook. This PDF viewer works offline and lets you annotate the PDF in a convenient manner.
  • The Runner UP PDF viewer: As the name suggests, it is a good PDF viewer for the Chromebook users, but does not facilitate editing of the document. It can be used offline and can be integrated well with Google drive. But in spite of such amazing functionality, it lacks some important functions like a highlighter.
  • iAnnotate: Another fast running PDF viewer for Chromebook is available for tech-savvy people. This is a premium app for reading, editing, annotating and save changes into PDF files.
  • GViewer: A useful app to open PDF documents received in Gmail that is hard to open from the mail itself.